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The Editor-in-Chief position for the 2009-2010 school year has been filled by Callie Meserole. She is currently building her staff for next year. If you are interested in applying please email

Information on the positions:

The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the overall cohesion of the staff and the publication of the book from beginning to end. Knowledge in each of the various fields of photography, journalism, design, and business administration is a must. Running weekly staff and Eboard meetings, delegating tasks, facilitating communication, correspondence with Taylor Publishing and Thornton Studios, developing the ladder, setting deadlines and goals for the staff, and being representative of GW Media to the University are just a few of the many responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief. The Editor-in-Chief has several weekly meetings including Eboard and a meeting with the yearbook advisor  (Deborah Snelgrove, Chief Creative Officer and Executive Director of SASSCOM). The Editor-in-Chief visits Dallas, TX (publisher) in May and NYC (photographer) in the spring.

Executive Editor
The Executive Editor is responsible for the majority of the business and financial aspects of the organization, as well as acting as an extension of the Editor-in-Chief. Communication skills and organization are an absolute must for the Executive Editor. The EE is responsible for the editors and sections hitting their deadlines, facilitating communication in production, and overall providing an orderly environment for production to take place. The EE also handles payroll, deposits, phone and email accounts, and various other administrative tasks. Though all of our staff is highly visible among the GW Administration, the Executive Editor is in constant communication with GW faculty, staff, and administration; therefore, professionalism is of utmost importance.
The relationship between the Executive Editor and the Editor-in-Chief must consist of constant communication- email updates, weekly meetings, and frequent phone calls. The Executive Editor also attends the weekly advising meetings with the Editor-in-Chief and accompanies the Editor-in-Chief to Dallas and NYC.

Senior Design Editor
Generally, the Senior Design Editor has an extensive background with the Cherry Tree or other design-related fields. The most important aspect of a successful SDE is the quality of their design. The SDE designs the vast majority of the book, compiling the ideas of the staff into a visual product. Therefore, it is imperative that the SDE work well with people. Knowledge of InDesign and Illustrator are essential to a successful SDE. Besides the Editor-in-Chief and the Executive Editor the SDE is one of the top leadership positions on staff.

Business Manager
The Business Manager is responsible for all tasks related to selling and designing ads. The Ads section is not designed by the Senior Design Editor; it is the sole responsibility of the Business Manager. Communication with parents, students, student organizations, and university departments is also involved. Professionalism, timeliness, and organization are all integral to the Business Managers's success.

Senior Photography Editor                                                                                                              The Photo Editor is responsible for providing all the finalized images needed for all 400 pages of the book (besides Ads). Knowledge of Photoshop is an absolute must for the Photo Editor. The Photo Editor will edit each individual picture that goes into the book. Besides the Editor-in-Chief and the Executive Editor the Photo Editor is one of the top leadership positions on staff.

Executive Photography Editor
The Executive Photo Editor is responsible for all of the photo assignments taken for the yearbook. Some prefer to shoot a majority of the events themselves, and others delegate, delegate, delegate. To this end, The CP is responsible for facilitating and mentoring a photo staff.

Copy Editor
The Copy Editor edits all copy from page editors according to AP style.  They are responsible for editing all copy and ensuring that it is up to par for the yearbook. Those applying will be asked to submit writing samples. "Grammatically anal" and "spelling bee whiz" are some words that often describe a potential copy editor.

All Section Editor positions involve communication, however, generally Section Editors have an interest or background with the people they are working with (i.e. the Greek Life editor is involved in a fraternity/sorority, the Sports Editor plays club soccer, etc.). Section Editors are responsible for informing the Photo Editor of their events and facilitating communication with event coordinators. Section Editors work with the Photo Editor and the Senior Design Editor to materialize their "vision" of their section and their various pages/spreads. Section copy is first proofed by the section editors or written by the section editors themselves and then goes to the Copy Editor. In addition, all members of Eboard contribute to the development of the book as a whole during the annual Eboard retreat and weekly Eboard meetings. Attendance is mandatory for both.

Arts & Academics Section Editor
 The Arts & Academics Editor is responsible for communication with the Academic Departments, as well as faculty members themselves. The AASE arranges with Departments and professors interviews and group photos. Promptness, follow-through, and overall courtesy are the most important element to this position. The AASE must also contact student artists to be included in the arts section of the yearbook. The AASE is responsible for obtaining artwork submissions and interviews from the chosen artists.  

 Features Section Editor
The features section is the largest sections in the book. Everything from concerts and iPod features to spotlights on student artists fall under the features section. The features Editor will interview people from the Black Eyed Peas and Ben Folds to Howard Dean and Mo Rocca. Journalism and event coverage is heavily emphasized in the features section. Finding all relevant information on events on campus, such as "Ethiopian Culture Night" or the GW Inaugural Ball, and giving the Photo Section ample time to schedule photographers, and sometimes obtain press passes is the responsibility of the FE.

Greek Life Section Editor
The Greek Life Editor facilitates the Cherry Tree's relationship with the GW Greek community. Meeting with Panhel, IFC, Multicultural, and Service Fraternities are all part of the greek section editor's job along with the aforementioned section editor responsibilities. The greek life editor will be issued a top-of-the-line consumer digital camera to attend all Greek events and take candid photos of various chapters.

Sports Section Editor
The Sports Editor facilitates the Cherry Tree's relationship with GW's atheltic community. From intramurals & RecSports, to all the various club sports and Division I athletes. The Sports Editor meets with coaches, players, and administration to get the full perspective on sports reporting. The Sports Editor travels more often than the other section editors, going to conference championships, and even the NCAA tournament! Organization, professionalism, and enthusiasm are all skills looked at in a perspective Sports Editor. Experience in sports photography will give this position a considerable salary hike.

Student Life Section Editor
The Student Life Editor must be organized and have excellent follow-through skills. The Student Life Editor meets with administration in SAC, students in the SA, and all club presidents/PR directors. The Student Life Editor coordinates all the club photos in the book, and will do an occasional feature on a student org coordinated event. Patience and extensive follow through with student org leaders are a large part of this job. The Student Life Editor will be issued a top-of-the-line consumer digital camera to take candid photos at Student Organization events.


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